Tuesday, April 20, 2010


how many actually dear? keep on thinking dat im not d only one besides her..funny isn't ? im starting being paranoid, feeling angry with my self..damn! hate to love u but im so afraid to lose u..can u understand? i can't either..gile ape aku nih..its really hard to forget what's already happen. i really don't know..why im like not confuse, i know what i want..i just can't do that..i try to push myself to make it happen but i really can't..oh god plz help you : what u've done to me actually? why i can't forget u..not even for a second..its killing me inside..totally doom.. +_+   

p/s : plz go my heart : plz let him go!


Razman said...

death must be great, because no one has come back from it. so, dah cuba bunuh diri? haha

hudadida said...

death is great..but not for me..
i prefer to be dead when da time has come..
kalo bnuh diri tu tak dosa slamber jek aku.. =D~