Tuesday, June 2, 2009

easy to say..hard to forget..

*this may contain bad words. I am not fluent in english but I prefer to type this entry in english, sorry for any grammar mistake*

sometimes we didn’t realize that word which come out from mouth will deeply hurt others. yesterday, I've hurt you. but I’ve been hurt
by you before and yesterday i make you feel upset. i am mad, totally mad. you says something that makes me go crazy yesterday and i ‘punch’ you back. we were fight about an hour’s just for someone stupid that recently came to my life which i don’t bother his present. the thing is….. i don’t like to make trouble and i don’t like you to make trouble too, to anyone any whom especially to people i know. yeah maybe it’s not my problem but it makes me feel guilty bcoz i don’t like that! bullshit! then, you say something that makes my heart stop beating. i feel like my heart has taken away. Oh yes you did. i found that being ignored is so much pain than been swearing. do i have to say sorry for hurting you. should i give you another chance? should i give us a chance? honestly i don't know.

"i don't have mood to msg, my heart still hurt..take care.." oh yes i am sad. it makes me wanna cry. and i am crying..

i try to calm myself, but now..when all that words came cross my mind, i feel stupid. stupid like an idiot, i feel like even worse.. i try to be plain..try to forget..but its easy to say..hard to forget..arrrggghh i hate you. *sobs*

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