Thursday, June 4, 2009

caring in style!

last month my college provided our lunch to celebrate his birthday. he bought nando's and we get reusable bags from nando's.
*thanks to andrew for the food*

cantik tak?

made in malaysia yang pasti.

get Nando's reusable non-woven bags, designed by renowned fashion designer Melinda Looi, for only RM2.90 and donate 50cent from each purchase to the GreenAid fund via the malaysia Nature Society to keep Mother Nature looking hot!

simple ways to keep Mother Nature Looking Hot by melinda Looi.
1. separate your rubbish (papper, plastics, alumunium cans) for recycling
2. make use of double sided printing, photostatting & writing. remember to use both sides of the paper
3. don't throw away your mis-prints-keep it for draft paper!
4. practice online banking and bill payment (TM, hand phone, credit card etc)
5. send document via email


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