Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 instant mood-lifters

aku suke bace majalah tapi bukan regular.kalo rase nak bace aku beli. dan semalam aku beli CLEO.aku suke intipati dalam cleo. banyak yg bole d ikut. dan yg palng aku suke cleo suke bagi sample produk & cupon to redeem *sangat menarik =D~*. salah satu topik yg menarik perhatiaan aku dan aku rase nak kongsi dengan korg ialah 10 instant mood-lifters. pernah tak korg badmood? kalo pernah cuba lah tips kat bawah ni.

buy bright blooms
flowers help to make people feel alive and they lift our moods because they remind us of surviving and thriving themes. they bring positiveness to the gloomiest of days! we like bright flowers such as gerberas, orchids, or lilies.

burning essential oils
find yourself an oil burner and some bergamot essential oil if you're after an overnight fix. or try dabbing lavender on your pillow before you snooze as the scent is said to calm the body down.*levender keeps your pores breathing freely*

cheer up someone else
mark twain said, "the best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." he's right, and it does not have to mean a big-time good deed. just do something thoughtful for someone, right now.

turn on the music
your favourite tune can really lift your spirits. play classical and jazz to calm; rock and roll or hip-hop to energise. nothing moody or sad!

OK so the effects aren't instant, but when hasn't chocolate perked up your lowly spirits? one bar of chocolate will serve you a nice high of endorphins in about two hours.

wash your hands
a simple act of washing your hands with warm water and soap has the meditative ability to change your reality! concentrate on the colour of the bubles from the soap as this will bring you out of your mood and slow down long enought to appreciate something else! this type of physical meditation forces you to cast your mind on something besides your problems.

scent of a candle
candle not only make room smell heavenly, they're also playing with your emotions - in a good way. the scent acctually travels to the brain and through the nervous system, hence altering your state of mind. opt for mandarin, orange and tangerine scents as they warm the body from the inside out and are said to bring your inner child.

tea for one
sipping on tea such as chamomile and earl grey help lift your mood. this is particularly good if you're feeling anxious - actually contains bergamot citrus, which is one of the greatest uplifting ingredients around.

tidying a part of your home or office that's in a mess is a little task that happens to lift your mood too. try spring-cleaning your closet. when you finally decide to go through your fat clothes and give it away, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

spice up your life
ginger, chilli and cinnamon are said to help warm up a frosty emotional state. cinnamon is even thought to curb the urge to feel bitchy towards others, by calming your own body and mind. when you feel a certain way on the inside, you usually tend to reflect that on the outer.

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